Thursday, January 24, 2013

One of the best moments

Of my life was getting to see my baby's heartbeat today. That was a thrill I never could have imagined. Based off of my last period, I should be 9 weeks 1 day. The baby measured a little smaller than that, 8 weeks 4 days, but that's close enough for no concerns and to continue using the due date of Aug 28. The baby is about 2 cm long right now, with a beautiful little flutter of a heartbeat that is about 180 bpm. That slows down over time.

I went a bought a picture frame to put my picture in, because I didn't want it to get messed up or lost. It's on our cube bookshelf by one of our wedding pictures.

My cyst, which hasn't been bothering me fortunately, is still there, although a bit smaller we think. Was measuring 6 cm when I went to the ER Dec 28. It's about 5.7-5.8 cm now. Still large, and still large enough that it pretty much covers both sides. My dr could feel the cyst when she was feeling for my uterus. It pretty much overshadows my uterus, and the baby, at the moment, but that will change. She expects it to just gradually reabsorb as the placenta takes over more and more of the production of progesterone, which it should be currently doing.

My morning sickness is still hanging around, and I am grateful for Zofran. Unisom and B6 help too. Pickles are still a favored food. Love pickles. Lol. It is public opinion (okay, not exactly public, but the two people who've commented- my mom and my husband) that my breasts have gotten larger. I can't tell, but I've always been awful at that, and I largely wear sports bras, so it wouldn't be as obvious as it might be in a more standard bra, as far as size goes. I'm overall tired, and I love my bed. Naps are awesome. Gratefully, I'll be done with the first trimester before this final semester of college kicks into too high of a gear.

Got some comfy maternity clothes for the upcoming months on sale today at Babies R Us. Buy 1, get one free. Made those maternity jeans a heck of a deal.

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