Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From 9 weeks to 27 weeks

9 weeks 1 day ultrasound
14 weeks 2 days
15 weeks 6 days
18 weeks 3 days
18 weeks 5 days ultrasound
18 weeks 5 days ultrasound
20 weeks 2 days

21 weeks 6 days
24 weeks
25 weeks 3 days (also graduated from college)

27 weeks

Saoirse is very wiggly these days. Joseph was able to feel her last week, which was pretty cool. We have another ultrasound tomorrow, where they will check her from head to toe again to make sure her growth pattern is being normal, which will also be another indicator that she does NOT have Down Syndrome. I can't wait to see how much she has changed in the last almost 10 weeks. Every doctor appointment, she has had a good heartbeat and my fundal height has been right where it should be. We'll be starting a birthing class in mid-June. Due to Joseph's summer class in July, and it being an 8 week class, Joseph will only be able to attend half of the classes. My mom will be going with me to the ones he has to miss due to class. We're also taking a newborn class next week.