Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sorry to be AWOL

I got a job in early June, and it's taken until now for me to really get used to this 8-5 business. 

Also the blogger app is a bitch cause it ate my post. 

But, having little else to do while pumping, we trudge on. 

Saoirse still only has 2 teeth, though it wouldn't shock me much if she had some on the top by her birthday. But I can't really tell because she is none too fond of people checking her mouth. I foresee issues when we do that whole dentist thing. Not particularly surprising considered Mama, Daddy, and Papa all hate the dentist with a vivid passion. 

We will shortly be discovering just how vastly not baby proof our house is. She can stand up independently for a few seconds. All instances of that being seen where from a sitting position in the middle of a bed. I can only imagine a real floor would be easier if she ever tried it. Her standing and cruising with support is great. She's still a fairly slow cruiser, but I'm pretty sure our days of not being followed every where are in the downward count. 

She's never been much for crawling, just like she never really was in to rolling from her back to her stomach until probably like 1-2 months ago. She gets into position and sometimes goes backwards but forwards is a rarity. Her forward crawl of choice is a strange bastardization of the lowest army crawl that involves dragging her face and torso along the ground with her feet being pushed under her hips to propel her forward. 

It's awkward. 

But, to calm down all of you occupational therapists out there, she does go backwards properly and forwards seems to occur only when no one is watching and the edge of the bed is nearby. And then she gets pissed cause you kept her from trying that levitation skill she's so certain she possesses. 

She totally stole these straws from te straw holder while her daddy was gone for like a minute. 

I can't believe she's nearly a year old. We're planning her 1st birthday party, and I'm totally not okay with her growing up so fast. I'm told I have to get over it. I both rejoice in her triumphs when she gets a skill down and grieve a little that tiny baby she was just a few months ago. 

1 day old and ~11 months. 

She's totally gonna rock the Hello Kitty themed pool party. 

We've both come a long way in 1 year. Becoming a parent changes so much about how you see the world and your decisions. She's a little miracle, even though babies are born every minute. Even though we didn't have to fight to have her. She's a miracle. This amazing little person I somehow made. She has such joy for life, and I love being around her. So happy. Being with her makes me happy. 

Dream, baby girl.