Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning

Saoirse's first Christmas went well. She was pretty much lost, being not quite 4 months old, but next year will surely be a bit of a different story. It was also Saoirse's aunt Hong's first Christmas.
Hong on Christmas morning

 She's 5 and had been with our family for one month as of Christmas. If you'd like to read the blog with details of that adoption, here's the link: 

Saoirse loves doing the monkey hold on her Daddy. The tutu was her Christmas morning outfit. 

My heart in one picture 

I got Saoirse a glow seahorse. I had a glow-worm when I was little that I really loved so I got her the more modern version. She loves things that light up. 

The bow then went from the seahorse onto her head. It stayed on pretty well and was very cute. My little present. :)

Saoirse and I Christmas morning. 

She got some soft blocks, a set of keys, some outfits, a panda that makes sounds, and the like. In addition to a jumper she got from her Papa Jim and Granny Barb, her great grandparents. 

Playing in her jumper on Christmas

We got it on the 23rd so here's some shots from her first time in it. 

And a final really cute picture of her. 

We love Wubbanubs around here. She's in a sucky phase where she doesn't always want milk, but she wants to suck and she gets annoyed when she gets milk. And then spits up. Everywhere. Wubbanubs are awesome. My cats don't think they're toys like they do the standalone pacis. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Rubber Ducky Regatta!

Also, here's some of the pics from our Christmas card. Only 4 made it on, but these were the options. :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars is my favorite band. When I found out they were going to be in Tulsa (about 4 hrs away)- the day after my 23rd birthday nonetheless- I was ecstatic. I saw my first concert of their's in Brady Theater on April 13, 2010, the day after my now-husband asked me out and 4 days before our first date (April 17). I introduced Joseph to 30STM, and he is a fan now too. I was so thrilled. Happy birthday to me!

I bought Joseph and I each a ticket, and I arranged for my mom to accompany us to Tulsa and watch Saoirse during the show. Well, an ice storm was headed for Tulsa, so there were major concerns. Would the show happen? Could we even get there between snow, ice, and flooding here in Arkansas? And then Joseph woke up sick the day of, so he stayed home. Mom and I trekked out with Saoirse, deciding if it was too bad anywhere we'd turn back. 

On the way there, we decided Mom could just go in to with Saoirse, so the ticket wouldn't be wasted. I had Joseph's noise canceling headphones for her. We made to Tulsa with no problems. There was ice on trees and all, but we made it safely. We went and ate at Mexicali nearby, so we didn't sit through the first 2 acts. Great food and good service there. I definitely recommend it. 

We went in after dinner and hung out in the lobby until the act was over and we went to find our seats. I bought some MARS pins and we attached them to Saoirse's hat. 

We hung out in there until the next act started and we put the headphones on her. She didn't care for them so Mom took her out to the lobby. You can still hear but it's at a more normal volume. 

Mom and Saoirse hung out at the merchandise table and Saoirse fell asleep. Mom came back in after the act just before 30 Seconds to Mars and we all hung out in our chairs. Saoirse got so many compliments about how cute she is and how awesome it was that she was there. 30STM started so we put the headphones on her and she was okay through "Birth" and part of "Night of the Hunter", then she decided she didn't dig the headphones so Mom took her back to the lobby. 

Asleep on Cheerio with headphones

So she got to hear her favorite band (I listened to 30STM all the time while I was pregnant, and I listened to them while I was in labor. She still likes to listen to them. She likes "City of Angels".) live at volumes okay for a baby, either in the lobby or with nearly $200 noise canceling headphones. Her hearing was protected. 

It was an amazing show. I got some good videos and all. And I GOT PICKED FROM THE AUDIENCE TO GO ON STAGE FOR "UP IN THE AIR"!!!!! Such a story to tell Saoirse about her first concert. My Mom got her to leave the headphones on so that they could see me on stage. 

((Seen in between those arms the arrow is pointing at. The little light pink blob is Saoirse.))

Those headphones just make those cheeks look even chubbier. 

It was an amazing night and really awesome. Saoirse was really good about being in her car seat, which she dislikes, for so much time in one day. She slept most of the way to Tulsa, with a couple stops to breastfeed, but by the time we made it to Sallisaw, OK, on the way home, she was done. She was bored and tired of being in the car seat. So we talked from Sallisaw to Russellville. She had a lot to coo about after such a concert so we talked which entertained her. We stopped and let her eat in Russellville and then she fell asleep from there til home. We kept her home today as I think she'd had enough car seat action for 24 hrs. 

Here's some pics of the show

Me on stage 

Friday, December 13, 2013


There's this app for iPhone called SoundSleeper (may have a space, I'm not sure). I am in love with this app. It is a true lifesaver, available for free, or $3.99, or $2.99. Let me explain the variety. 

SoundSleeper is a white noise app. Vacuum, car sounds, rain, thunderstorm, shhh, and a couple more available sounds. Now, for free, the sound will run for up to 30 minutes unattended. After several weeks of pulling this app out, I decided to upgrade. $3.99. Not too bad for the peace and amazing calm-down abilities it has. Better yet, share it on Facebook and you get 25% off, making it $2.99. Yes, please. 

Upgrading gives you the ability to have continuous play, as well as a "listen" feature. I haven't used it yet to see how well it works, but it's supposed to play for a bit, fade out, and if it hears your baby making noise, it starts back up.

This app has gotten Saoirse to calm down when nothing else seems to. When walking, nursing, rocking, and Gripe Water all fail, this will work. Most of the time. Sometimes we're just SOL, but that's by no fault of this app. Which I love. I just wish I could get it to play through my car's speakers. We use "rain" and that works for Saoirse. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review or anything. I just love this app. 

And some pictures cause I know what you're all here for. 

Holding my head up so well. 


Today's outfit. Matching feet and hat. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013


It's amazing to me how much pain I will go through for this child. And she's only 3 months old. Over those 3 months, I gave birth unmedicated (although I took 2 hits of stadol during labor), the first week of breast feeding was very painful as my boobs got used to it, we then battled a milk blister/plugged duct and thrush around Halloween and another milk blister/plugged duct just after Thanksgiving. She apparently absorbed some of my cats' DNA which caused her to have claws and a bizarre love of doing a kneading motion generally only done by my cats. She likes to slowly slough my skin off with her nails. She also some times likes to clamp down her gums on my nipple. 

Not to mention the 9 months prior of off-and-on nausea, hip, and back pain. 

And I love her more than anything, and I would do it all over again. 

This smile makes it all worth it. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shots Part 2

Saoirse got her 2nd set of shots yesterday. Her first doses of HiB and Pc. She got DTaP and Rotavirus when she was 2 months old. Once again, the tears didn't start until the needles were removed. 

"I think I remember this place, and I don't recall liking it."

Overall, she took it very well. Cried for about 8 minutes, but I can't really blame her with one shot in each thigh. Poor girl. After that we went for some retail therapy at Target. Aka a run for some detergent and Gripe Water. Which is like some kind of heavenly baby booze, sans any alcohol. Target didn't have the brand we get (Mommy's Bliss), so that wasn't gotten there. Bah. 

She stayed with her paternal grandparents last night while her Daddy and I had some time alone. Which involved dinner and going to Walgreens for the Gripe Water that Target failed me on. Romantic, right? It was her first time to stay with them alone. She fought sleep  which is her most recent thing to do. She gets super sleepy, cries because she's sleepy, and doesn't go to sleep well or easily. Fortunately, she does eventually pass out and sleeps well after that usually. But oh can she fight it. I didn't know 3 month olds fought sleep. Now I do. 

Her stay went well though, all things considered. She had her 2nd bottle of breastmilk. It takes get a minute to figure out what is in the bottle, but once she gets a taste she's generally good. Thank goodness. 

Christmas picture!

Christmas is a strange beast with a baby who will be almost 4 months old at the time. Being her first Christmas, I want it to be special. I've got her a couple of presents. But it really occurs to me that she could care less. I could buy her nothing and she'd be thrilled with the lights on the Christmas tree. Opening presents will mean little to nothing to her. 
Oh well, we'll just cuddle and see lots of relatives.