Saturday, May 24, 2014


Life has been nuts and now I'm on vacation is sunny San Diego! Joseph (the husband) is a San Diego native so we came here to visit his aunt as well as have some fun. But here's a general pre-SD update. 

Saoirse's first tooth broke through good on April 30, the day she turned 8 months old. She pulls up on my shirt and has figured out that that is where the boobs are and pulling down on my cami exposes them. She could roll over onto her stomach if she didn't hate being on her tummy. She figured out how to roll over from stomach to back at about 2 months old to avoid tummy time. We've been putting her on her tummy (she can get in a crawling position fine), but she screams the whole time. She hates it. I figure she'll either go straight to walking or be a butt-scooter. 

That's the general update pre-SD. Here's some pics. 

Hanging out at Easter

Random May cold snap
In Papa's hat
She loves swings. 

We love Little People. 
With Daddy, playing with Ana-Cherie's doll's sippy cup. 
Playing at the hospital with Ana-Cherie (A-C had a seizure and between getting the meds right and rehab, she was there about 18 days.)

Passed out the morning of her daddy's graduation from college
At her daddy's graduation 
Also at graduation. Selfie with mama (me).