Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning

Saoirse's first Christmas went well. She was pretty much lost, being not quite 4 months old, but next year will surely be a bit of a different story. It was also Saoirse's aunt Hong's first Christmas.
Hong on Christmas morning

 She's 5 and had been with our family for one month as of Christmas. If you'd like to read the blog with details of that adoption, here's the link: 

Saoirse loves doing the monkey hold on her Daddy. The tutu was her Christmas morning outfit. 

My heart in one picture 

I got Saoirse a glow seahorse. I had a glow-worm when I was little that I really loved so I got her the more modern version. She loves things that light up. 

The bow then went from the seahorse onto her head. It stayed on pretty well and was very cute. My little present. :)

Saoirse and I Christmas morning. 

She got some soft blocks, a set of keys, some outfits, a panda that makes sounds, and the like. In addition to a jumper she got from her Papa Jim and Granny Barb, her great grandparents. 

Playing in her jumper on Christmas

We got it on the 23rd so here's some shots from her first time in it. 

And a final really cute picture of her. 

We love Wubbanubs around here. She's in a sucky phase where she doesn't always want milk, but she wants to suck and she gets annoyed when she gets milk. And then spits up. Everywhere. Wubbanubs are awesome. My cats don't think they're toys like they do the standalone pacis. 

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