Friday, December 13, 2013


There's this app for iPhone called SoundSleeper (may have a space, I'm not sure). I am in love with this app. It is a true lifesaver, available for free, or $3.99, or $2.99. Let me explain the variety. 

SoundSleeper is a white noise app. Vacuum, car sounds, rain, thunderstorm, shhh, and a couple more available sounds. Now, for free, the sound will run for up to 30 minutes unattended. After several weeks of pulling this app out, I decided to upgrade. $3.99. Not too bad for the peace and amazing calm-down abilities it has. Better yet, share it on Facebook and you get 25% off, making it $2.99. Yes, please. 

Upgrading gives you the ability to have continuous play, as well as a "listen" feature. I haven't used it yet to see how well it works, but it's supposed to play for a bit, fade out, and if it hears your baby making noise, it starts back up.

This app has gotten Saoirse to calm down when nothing else seems to. When walking, nursing, rocking, and Gripe Water all fail, this will work. Most of the time. Sometimes we're just SOL, but that's by no fault of this app. Which I love. I just wish I could get it to play through my car's speakers. We use "rain" and that works for Saoirse. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review or anything. I just love this app. 

And some pictures cause I know what you're all here for. 

Holding my head up so well. 


Today's outfit. Matching feet and hat. 

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