Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shots Part 2

Saoirse got her 2nd set of shots yesterday. Her first doses of HiB and Pc. She got DTaP and Rotavirus when she was 2 months old. Once again, the tears didn't start until the needles were removed. 

"I think I remember this place, and I don't recall liking it."

Overall, she took it very well. Cried for about 8 minutes, but I can't really blame her with one shot in each thigh. Poor girl. After that we went for some retail therapy at Target. Aka a run for some detergent and Gripe Water. Which is like some kind of heavenly baby booze, sans any alcohol. Target didn't have the brand we get (Mommy's Bliss), so that wasn't gotten there. Bah. 

She stayed with her paternal grandparents last night while her Daddy and I had some time alone. Which involved dinner and going to Walgreens for the Gripe Water that Target failed me on. Romantic, right? It was her first time to stay with them alone. She fought sleep  which is her most recent thing to do. She gets super sleepy, cries because she's sleepy, and doesn't go to sleep well or easily. Fortunately, she does eventually pass out and sleeps well after that usually. But oh can she fight it. I didn't know 3 month olds fought sleep. Now I do. 

Her stay went well though, all things considered. She had her 2nd bottle of breastmilk. It takes get a minute to figure out what is in the bottle, but once she gets a taste she's generally good. Thank goodness. 

Christmas picture!

Christmas is a strange beast with a baby who will be almost 4 months old at the time. Being her first Christmas, I want it to be special. I've got her a couple of presents. But it really occurs to me that she could care less. I could buy her nothing and she'd be thrilled with the lights on the Christmas tree. Opening presents will mean little to nothing to her. 
Oh well, we'll just cuddle and see lots of relatives. 

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