Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Little Rock

I do not certify any of these places except for Dempsey Bakery as free of cross-contamination. 

Dempsey Bakery (http://www.dempseybakery.com)
Everything here is GF. They also offer egg-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. 

The Sifted Flour Bakery (http://thesiftedflourbakery.com)
Offers GF and sugar free options as well as standard options

P.F. Chang's (http://www.pfchangs.com)
Offers a GF menu including GF soy sauce. 

Mimi's Cafe (http://www.mimiscafe.com)
Has a menu that says what items on its menu are GF. Not GF, but if you tell them it's your first time there, they'll send you home with 2 free muffins. 

The Main Cheese (http://www.themaincheese.com)
Offers gluten free bread as an alternative

Big Orange Midtown & West (http://bigorangeburger.com)
Offers buns that are GF from Dempsey Bakery

Larry's Pizza (http://larryspizzaofarkansas.com)
May vary by location but the Bryant and Cantrell locations offer a gluten-free crust. 

Izzy's (http://www.izzyslittlerock.com)
Offers a sizeable GF menu as well as vegan options. They try their best to avoid cross-contamination but can't guarantee it. 

Gigi's Cupcakes (http://www.gigiscupcakesusa.com)
Offers 3 GF flavors, definitely available on Fridays, but some locations have opted to do them every day. Some have also opted to have more GF flavors. They are cooked and housed in the same area as the gluten cupcakes, however. 

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