Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lessons In Parenting: First Solid Food Edition

1) No one tells you avocado will stain. Hence the amount of Shout! soaking into one of her my first Christmas bibs to attempt to get the vast quantity of green off of it from her Monday first adventure in avocado. 

2) No one tells you that feeding your baby solids will, strangely, cause them to nurse MORE, not less. I don't really mind this, as I am in no way ready to give up nursing Saoirse, but it surprised me. One would think food in tummy would equal less room for milk. This is apparently not true. I can only figure it must be a comfort thing as their tummies try to figure out what this new substance is.
 (After eating the last of her avocado from Monday-accessories by her aunt Hong/Ana-Cherie)
3) I knew this was coming, but gone is the ease of EBF diapers. Her poop is now not just liquid, it has texture. Which I find somewhat odd seeing as her baby food is just a fuzz thicker than milk. But such is the experience. Gonna steal one of those "should've been thrown away a while back" spatulas from the kitchen, replace it with a new one, and stick the old one in the bathroom for poop removal ease. 
I leave you with pictures from last night when we were visiting Joseph's parents' house. 

Playing with Mommy's iPhone camera

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