Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Solid Food!

Yesterday (2/24), Saoirse got her first taste of something that wasn't liquid in nature. Not breastmilk, gripe water, or tylenol. Or simethicone. Yes, our bubble issues are great.

She FINALLY got to have something on her spoon.

 She was pretty thrilled by that idea.

Full of good fats and other things that are great for a baby's developing little brain, we chose avocado as her first solid food. Mashed up and diluted with water to make it a consistency she's a bit more familiar with.
Her daddy fed her first, as I'm generally the person behind the food. This gave him a chance to be in the thick of it. Saoirse loves spoons. She loves to play with them and is pretty good at getting them in her mouth. So this was a new experience, there being something on the spoon. And she was totally digging.
She was pretty thoroughly covered with it by the end. Her face and hands were green as she likes to grab the spoon. This picture was taken before everything was over. The bib was far more green by the time she was done, due to her method of attempting to suck the food off of the spoon. But she didn't do the fairly standard 'sputter-food-out' thing. That pretty spectacular tongue thrust reflex is long gone. 

Afterward she took a shower with Cheerio. Which was a good idea since being hosed off was probably the easiest solution to the amount of baby guacamole between her fingers. And on her eyebrows. And her face in general. 

We stopped when she seemed over it. Not really interested in the food coming at her (ie grabbing the spoon). The looks she gave us while eating were pretty close to "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?" I'm pretty certain she's convinced we've been holding out on her. After the shower though, she was all up for the boob. With a look sort of like "I haven't been cut off, have I?"

No, baby girl, you haven't. You've got boob milk at your disposal for a while to come now. 

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