Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saoirse's First St Patrick's Day Parade

As a family involved in Irish dance (I'm semi-retired, my husband did dance- and qualified to go to Worlds- both of my younger sisters dance, and the plan is for Saoirse to dance), St Patrick's Day is a big deal. The Little Rock St Patrick's Day Parade was today (it's always the Saturday closest to SPD- usually before the day proper), and it was Saoirse's first. And Ana-Cherie's first. 

Saoirse rode in her stroller for a little bit. But less than a quarter mile into the parade she was no longer happy with the stroller. So I ended up carrying her most of the way to North Little Rock before I managed to catch up to the truck and pass her off to my mom. 
[insert pic here of that when I get it from my mom's phone]

Bad selfie of Saoirse and me

Before the parade

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