Friday, March 21, 2014


We've expanded our food repertoire some, and so far, Saoirse's tummy seems to be more or less tolerating it. We had to stop and take a break after about a week and a half of solids because her booty didn't agree with the new food texture, and as such, how said food was exiting. Avocado and sweet potato apparently result in poop distinctly different from breastfed poop. 

So we went back to the boob for a week to reset her system and let her booty clear up. 

Since we got back to solids, we've added green beans in (this past Sunday), and bananas (yesterday). Her first "real" fruit. She enjoyed it. Here's some photographic proof from tonight. 

Let me also say Beechnut Chiquita Bananas are very liquidy. 

It amazes me on a daily basis how far she's come from that adorable little newborn she was. Who scarcely wiggled and her hands had trouble locating her mouth. Her sense of taste has now become a primary way of exploring her world. Her hands are now right on target, if not quite as fast as she might like some days. She can sit up for extended periods quite stably, although she still has enough of a tendency to tump over that we don't put her straight on the hardwood or concrete floors without support and/cushion. Her feet are a constant play thing. While she's not rolling from back to tummy yet, she can spin around with her head as an axis. Se isn't a particularly large fan of tummy time, so her not rolling just yet doesn't particularly surprise me. She stands with minimal support for a couple seconds and for longer with a bit more. 

She's quite honestly the most amazing little being. Her personality is beginning to show. She enjoys shrieking and trying out the new sound combinations she's found. 

I can't wait to see who she'll become. 

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