Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thrush Part 2

A week ago, Saoirse and I visited a lactation consultant. I was tired of gritting my teeth through feedings, and I wanted someone to tell me it wasn't my latch. 

Well, it wasn't. Latch is fine. But the LC did confirm thrush. She gave me the name of a stronger "azole" drug, ketaconazole, to ask my OB for. Which I did as soon as I left the building. She also said Saoirse appeared to have a small amount of thrush build up on her tongue. She told me what I already knew from the World Wide Web- that Saoirse needed to be treated as well or we'd most likely keep passing this back as forth. 

Yay. Not. Nursing a baby shark is totally an experience I want to keep replicating. At least that's what it felt like I was doing. Or cutting my nipple off with a razor blade or a hot laser. But I digress. 

Called her pediatrician per the LC's suggestion. I am once again told that they won't give her nystatin unless she's showing symptoms. Well, she is. Well, apparently thrush on the tongue only doesn't count as symptoms and the risks of tummy troubles outweighs any benefit. 

Obviously, this nurse has never had thrush. 

I was told to call back if she developed white spots on her gums or cheeks. Another sign she had thrush would be refusing to nurse as her mouth would "hurt like the dickens". Okay, so you want to wait until my baby is miserable to treat her? Love you too. 

It's a good thing I like her pediatrician, even if I'm not digging their stance on nystatin. 

Fortunately, Saoirse has yet to show any symptoms aside possibly from her incredible gassiness. Lots of burps and terribly uncomfortable farts. She'll cry hard for a moment, fart, then settle back down. I feel bad for her during those episodes. 

I, for one, am grateful the ketaconazole seems to be doing what the miconazole wasn't. Getting rid of this. Nursing on my right side is now only mildly uncomfortable some of the time. So we're heading in the right direction. Thank god. 

I leave you with photographic evidence of my baby. 

This is her "determined" face. This was taken about 1 minute before she got pissed at her inability to crawl at 10 weeks old. 

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