Sunday, November 17, 2013

High Lipase

Completely irrelevant to the post baby-cuteness. 

Looks like I got another awesome part of breastfeeding (you know, after thrush): high lipase activity.

I've been pumping since my milk came in (because, ow, my boobs, and she totally wasn't taking that much in at that point). I pump once every few days when a boob is full and she is completely content having finished the other one or if I have a moment free, I'll pump a bit. So it's not a huge stash (20-30 oz over 2.5 months), but it's something. Well, I've been reading about high lipase and decided to try my frozen milk.

Holy yuck.

Tasted gross to me. I managed to get her to take an ounce from a dropper with some acidophilus and Vitamin D last week but she looked none too thrilled about it and never latched on and sucked it down like she does with Gripe Water (which is mana from heaven, btw). I tried again today with a different bit of frozen milk. The faces she made were ones of disgust and roughly akin to that one makes when they get a mouth full of rank milk or durian (well, for most people). There was no enthusiam and the only reason any of it was going down was because I was lightly squeezing the dropper and all of it wouldn't roll out of her mouth. The milk I pumped yesterday that was still in the fridge tasted pretty gross too. I'm not throwing the milk I have out, I'm going to keep it for now for "emergencies", seeing as we can manage to get it down her throat, so if worse came to worst...

But for the newer milk, I'm going to need to start scalding. Given the small amounts of milk I tend to pump out (2 oz, roughly), scalding in a pot...well, I don't have a pot that tiny. Microwaving is not an option because it does even more damage to the milk than scalding alone. I'm going with the bottle warmer method. Which means I need to buy a bottle warmer. So I'm going to get one without an automatic shut off (so it can get to the requisite almost 180*) and invest in a stainless steel baby bottle at some point. The stainless steel bottle will allow me to heat the milk and quickly cool it in ice water without having to switch bottles. Until I get one of those, there may be some switching around, as I don't really want to heat plastic like that and glass going from 180* to ice water tends to not work out so well. Or it works out really well if you're going for wedding centerpiece decorations (like we did for my wedding- shattering off the bottoms of wine bottles to use for centerpieces, but that's a diy for another time). But I would like the glass to stay intact given the liquid gold it's holding.

But yeah, the milk was gross. And I have tickets to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Tulsa December 21, so Saoirse will be staying with Papa and Cheerio while her Daddy and I go to that, so I need to have a small valid stash for her to eat while we're gone for that. The pump will be accompanying me to the concert and hopefully my milk will stay valid from pumping until I get home and can scald it.

Saoirse is 11 weeks and 2 days old.

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