Thursday, November 21, 2013


I want this blog to be real. I want other new moms to read it and go 'oh good that's not just me.' Because there is so much you're not warned/told about. Like how the soundsleeper app is God for babies who like white noise. How your baby may start drooling like a St Bernard an indefinite amount of time before that first tooth (we've been drool-ridden for about 3 weeks now- no tooth) and how it's okay to be okay with the drooling and totally not be wishing for that first tooth. I'm okay with my baby/St Bernard. Not sure how I feel about teeth in the mouth that gets food from my boobs. 

On that note, I will say it: my boob sprayed my baby in the face the other day. The things no one tells you can/probably will happen while you're pregnant...

I had climbed into the back of the car to
do a feeding before we ran into Wal-Mart because she was a bit fussy and my boob was a bit full. These things together resulted in Saoirse having that area between your nose and lip covered in milk as she fussed, not quite latching on and triggered let down with her crying and slight sucking when she had latched on for .025 seconds. As a result a small geyser erupted onto her face. It was both funny and a little mortifying. I did my best to target it into her mouth, and she finally latched on and settled down. She ate, then I snuggled her up in the baby k'tan and we went shopping. She slept through the whole experience until the check out line. 

Welcome to motherhood. Where boobs spontaneously erupt. 

Her toes painted with piggy paint. They happen to match her diaper. 

I was not compensated to name drop SoundSleeper, Baby K'Tan, or Piggy Paint. 

Saoirse is 11 weeks, 6 days old. 

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