Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Almost a week late, here are our pictures from Halloween. I was a black cat and Saoirse was my pink kitten. My sister, Reese, was an angry bird. 

By this point in the night, she was not digging the hood. 
So we took the hood off. 

And here's Reese dressed as an angry bird (she's adopted from China- you can read all about that here: )

Saoirse had her 2 month old appointment on Halloween as well. She's now 22 inches long (20 in at birth), 11 lbs 6 oz (8 lbs 1 oz), and has a head circumference of 16 inches (13 inches). We've also decided to do a delayed shot series, largely following Dr Sears' schedule. She got the DTaP and rotavirus vaccines. At the beginning of December, we'll go back and get the Pc and HiB vaccines. This was a decision we didn't take lightly, and we did research on it. Ultimately she will be fully vaccinated. She's just not getting them all in one visit. We did decline the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, as no one in our family has the disease, so her risk of catching it is so ridiculously small. We will get her that series at some point later. 

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