Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sleepy Baby

Saoirse sometimes decides that, despite being very sleepy, sleep is the last thing she wants to do. Yes, at 2 months old, this is already happening. But anyway. She will periodically burst out into tears from her sleepiness and nothing but sleep will make such outbursts cease. Breast feeding, no. She pops off of the boob before it can work its magic, at least unless I go and lie down in bed with her. 

Here's where the fact that I have decided everyone should own a baby carrier plays in. One thing I have found that is guaranteed to knock her out is putting her in the baby k'tan and plodding my way around the block a few times. She's usually unconscious before we've gone 1/3 of the way around the approximately half a mile that our block is in length. She just nearly can't stay awake in the baby k'tan if I can keep moving for a while. Once she's good and asleep I can remain in one location for small periods of time. But too long being still and she wakes right back up. However, this makes shopping way easier than it would be otherwise. I put her in and start walking around Target and she's gone. And my trips are virtually never cut short by an upset baby. 

I value this while it lasts, as some day that most likely won't be the case.

It frees my hands as well, to do things like post to this blog while getting a work out of walking 1+ miles (sometimes we do more, but always at least 2 laps) with a sleeping, roughly 12 lb baby strapped to my front.

We've had a cold snap lately (it was 70 degrees Monday, there's a high of 52 today), so I'm having to think of more brilliant ways to keep her warm during these walks. Socks are a must. Not uncommonly fleece sleep n plays are brought into use, which removes the need for socks. I bought her a Carter's outfit yesterday largely for the hooded jacket both to keep her warm and to not force the use of short sleeves out of her wardrobe if we left the house. I'm thinking of going back to the kangaroo set up on the k'tan, as it keeps her feet and legs inside the fabric, as opposed to the hug where her legs hang out. She's getting to be big enough to push out, but she generally falls asleep and that totally wouldn't be an issue. Otherwise, she may shortly be piled into a too-big (6-9 mos, she still wears 0-3/3 mos) fluffy penguin footed warm suit thing. I'm pondering a poncho type thing for myself, largely to provide an extra layer between her and the elements as I have jackets and coats. But I have yet to find one that I would wear. I just want something else to hold the heat close to us, as we do these walks 2-4 times a week, depending on when sleepy time hits, whether or not she falls asleep on me and I can get her into the swing and whether or not we're getting into the car, as that will generally put her to sleep as well if she's tired. 

But hey, it makes me get out and walk at least a little. 

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