Thursday, October 17, 2013


That place where a normal person's sleep schedule has abandoned you? Yup, I'm there. In response to Saoirse's immense hatred for the time frame between 12-6 am, when she has recently decided that fussing and refusing to sleep sounds good, we've gotten into the habit of going to bed "for good" when she finally chills out between 5-6 am. And end up sleeping til 2-3 pm. Hence why I just stayed up through the 45-60 minute nap thing she just took. I got caught up reading while she was asleep on my lap and I was scared to move for fear of her waking up and screaming. But now she's awake and after a short bout of crying, nursing happily and half-unconscious. I think I'll attempt to go to bed now since I actually have an alarm set for tomorrow (today?).

In conclusion, I hate tummy bubbles, which are generally the cause of her upsets and were the reason we ended up on the couch tonight. Incredibly uncomfortable farts. 

Welcome to motherhood. 

I leave you with this picture from 3 am of Saoirse holding her head up. (Please ignore my stretch marks and focus on the cute baby.)

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