Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Once Saoirse's umbilical cord fell off, we took to the bath tub. She had a sponge bath before then and was none too thrilled, but we held high hopes for her first "real" bath with me in the bath tub. 

It didn't go so well.

There was a lot of crying and general upset for whatever reason. Tried it again a few more times, same result. It wasn't soothing and only served to get her clean. 

For some reason, one night we had the idea to put her in the shower with Cheerio (my mom). She loved it. She kept a firm hold on her, and I assisted with soap and wash cloths. Ever since, our bath routine has consisted of a shower, sometimes with me, usually with Cheerio. She loves the sound of the water (hence the app on my phone and iPad that produces rain sounds) and the feel of it. She enjoys it, and it soothes her. She gets clean without all the drama and uproar. I'm so glad we thought to try a shower. 

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