Sunday, October 13, 2013

5 am

I would rather not see you, 5 am. Especially not after seeing 2. 3, and 4 am. 

Yes, we are having one of those nights from hell. The likes of which I haven't seen since the hospital. Saoirse has, largely, been a great sleeper and a good nurser as far as time out of bed for night feedings if staying in bed just wasn't cutting it. 30 minutes and we were back snuggled up going back to sleep. 

And then there's tonight. Someone has a tummy ache. 36-48 without a good bowel movement, then only one blowout makes a fussy baby. 

In case that wasn't obvious. 

Saoirse has a normal routine of 2-3 nearly subsequent good bowel movements every night. As in change one and minutes within the clean one being put on, regardless of how long you waited to see if she was "done", poop #2 happens. Sometimes this process gets repeated. However, for the last couple days, we've only been having small poops. This leads to discomfort. For both of us, as I am very tired right now. 

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