Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Visit To Mom's Alma Mater

Awkward cute picture of Saoirse sleeping for the win! And yes, that's a cloth diaper- a Fuzzibunz to be precise. 

Saoirse and I went to school with Daddy today(10/17) to do what we we dubbed "the baby tour." We stopped by the Writing Center, where Joseph and I met, and showed her off to some friends. Joseph was wearing Saoirse in the Baby K'tan so I'll be honest, they saw little more than the back of her fuzzy head. We then went to hunt down the head of the Writing Center at her class where she also got to see the back of Saoirse's head. She was quite content making it look like she was smothering herself and we were doing nothing about it. 

Don't worry, we kept a good check on her breathing ability, no matter how impossible it may have looked for her to get air. 

We then hiked over to the anthropology department, where I got my degree from. We opted to take the elevator instead of hiking up 4 flights of stairs or a ramp with 10 lbs of baby attached to Joseph's chest, a diaper bag, and Joseph's computer bag. We saw some of my old professors and some friends. I pulled Saoirse out of the K'Tan, so everyone got a better look than our prior stops had. We then stopped to nurse and chatted with our friends then decided to go crash my favorite professor's class. We got there between the lecture and lab, so we really weren't any kind of inconvenience. Everyone ooh'ed and aww'ed while the teaching assistant put out the bones for the forensics lab. Saoirse spent a lot of time in that room in utero, with that professor talking, as 3 out of my 4 classes in the spring were in that room. With that professor. 

Saoirse seemed comfortable there. And in honor of visiting my physical anthropology teacher, I dressed her in her horribly anatomically incorrect skeleton outfit. I love that thing. It could only be more awesome if it was anatomically correct. 

We sent Daddy off to his last classand saoirse and I made a quick run to Walgreens to get a refund on her birth announcements. They printed out way too dark and are going to have to be reprinted. Hopefully correctly this time. Of course all of this was after she screamed 3/4 of the way there. She really hates the car seat, no matter what we do. You have a better change at calm when moving, but there are no guarantees. 

We returned to campus to wait for Daddy in Mrs Jennifer's office. She's a great resource for breastfeeding and natural child rearing stuff and I really like talking to her. We got to hold Saoirse, and we lived through a blow out. One last vist to the Writing center then on to home. Baby had a big day, and I set foot on campus for the first time since summer. 

Saoirse later got to snuggle with Cheerio (my mom), during which timese a shooed a makeshift boob out of her own hand using Cheerio's boob as support. She slurped happily on that for a time before deciding the real thing was called for. 

We can definitely hook you up, kiddo. 

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