Saturday, January 18, 2014


I always think of brilliant things to post about at 2 am when I can't post them because a baby is asleep on my arm and still attached to my boob. #firstworldproblems

At Saoirse's 4 month appointment, she was 14 lbs 13 oz, 24.5 inches long, and her head was 16 inches around. She's definitely teething, per her swollen lower gum (as if the drooling and finger chewing weren't evidence enough). During the day, she will fight sleep like no one's business. It often requires walking, a car ride, or me lying down with her in our darkened room and nursing to get her to sleep. Not at all certain how that will work when I get a job, but other people seem to have an easier time getting her to sleep without a boob. 

Which is good, since I'm the only one with functioning boobs. 

I'm thrilled that she has only been fed breastmilk since she was born. She's had a few bottles of pumped milk without any problems, but no formula. I'm very proud of myself for that. I didn't leave her with someone else for long enough for her to need a bottle until she was almost 3 months old. 

She definitely prefers it straight from the boob though. We had a bottle that still had half an ounce or so in it when I got home from Pure Barre and, given the status of liquid gold that breastmilk has, I kinda wanted her to finish it. She refused, just kinda chewed on the nipple for a few minutes before fussing and demanding it straight from the tap, so to speak. 

I'm quite proud of these little rolls. She has hand dimples and arm and tummy rolls and thunder thighs. She's definitely a fan of the boob. 

She's also quite good at sitting in her Bumbo. She's been able to roll from tummy to back since she was about 2 months old (oct 28), but she seems really uninterested in going from back to front. She prefers her back to her tummy, so it's not high on her list of priorities. She giggled, definitely giggled, on Jan 16. It was adorable. She likes to stand up (with support obviously), and has started "high stepping" as my mom calls it. It's cute. She will definitely have me beat for amount of hair by age 1. I was nearly bald, so it wouldn't take much, but she has way more hair regardless. 

Baby Faux-hawk

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