Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Term Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is the "due date" (and yes, I realize it's more of a guess). I've been having, off and on, what everyone says are Braxton-Hicks because they don't hurt. On Friday, at my last appointment, I was about 60% effaced and almost 3 cm, so there was progress from the week before. I was also measuring about 40 weeks at 39 weeks 2 days. It was also at that appointment that the nurse practitioner informed me they don't want to let me go more than a week over. So I go back on Friday, assuming I haven't gone into labor by then, they're going to be scheduling an induction for next week. Which I'd rather avoid. I know induction doesn't equal c-section but it increases the chances a large amount. I'd rather keep the odds lower. They don't want to let me go too far though, likely because of the fact my blood pressure has been going a fuzz higher than they'd like when I do things. My saving grace has been the fact that if I lie down and just chill it quickly returns to normal levels. 

So we've been eating spicy foods (curry with pineapple), walking, taking L.6W herbs, pressure points, and acupuncture. I'd kind of like to get this going. 

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