Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baby Shower

Saoirse is spelled wrong on the cake (accident by the cake baker) but super duper CUTE

Fruit baby carriage

Sister shot: Michelle, Reese, myself, and Wendy

Myself with my two grandmothers

Mom and I

Me with one of my presents. And little sister Reese in the background.

I had a most excellent baby shower today, hosted by my sister Michelle. It was Lion King themed, like Saoirse's nursery-type-thing. It was precious and I am totally grateful to everyone who came. I really appreciate the thought and the gifts. I totally feel like we are largely ready for Saoirse to come now. Just a few random items I need to get my hands on before she's born (like nail clippers and a thermometer).

I'm 36 weeks pregnant this coming Wednesday. After that, they won't attempt to stop labor if it starts, as Saoirse's lungs will be developed. I'm looking forward to meeting this little person Joseph and I made together. I'm also somewhat anxious about being a good parent, but I believe the saying is you can't be a bad parent if you're worried about being a good one or something like that.

Saoirse still wiggles. A lot. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in black and white at around 37 weeks, when they do one more ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels and all.

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